Requesting Project Funds

One of the Washington Section’s core responsibilities is to assist its IEEE groups (chapters, student branches, etc.) with financial support. The Section’s first priority is for these groups to be successful, where success means holding high-quality technical meetings each year. While it is not the Section’s role to organize technical meetings for the groups, we support our groups and their meetings by providing funding for those meetings. We can also provide funding for other activities, such as workshops, travel, conference organization, science fair awards, etc.  In general, a group must be holding technical meetings before it will receive additional funding for other activities.

Any activity that supports the IEEE mission & vision or components of the IEEE strategic plan is a candidate for receiving funding from the Section.  As paying members of IEEE you don’t have to expend your own financial resources to be involved – just your time, expertise, and desire to promote our technical fields and our organization.

The ground rules for committing expenses and obtaining reimbursement are here:

  • The expense must be a legitimate expense as defined above.
  • The expense has been approved by the Section either by an approved motion or an approved budgeted line item. These items will be recorded in the meeting minutes.
  • Requests for funding of items not in the approved budget shall be submitted to the ExCom for consideration at least one week prior to a decision being made. The slide template below shall be completed and included in the funding request submission.
  • Approval of off-budget items will generally take place in the Section’s monthly AdCom meetings, but can occur via deliberation and voting via email or other electronic means.
  • Motions and their results made outside of the monthly AdCom meetings shall be discussed at the next AdCom meeting and included in its minutes.
  • To access funds, a simple financial statement showing  expenses (with receipts, of course) should be submitted to the Section Treasurer for reimbursement.
  • The financial statement must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase or event, and will be reimbursed within 30 days of the Section Treasurer receiving the receipts and/or other appropriate documentation.