The IEEE Washington Section’s leadership positions include its officers and directors, formally known as the Executive Committee (ExCom). The Administrative Committee (AdCom) is comprised of the ExCom, plus the chairs of groups and chapters affiliated with the Washington Section. The Washington Section AdCom meets monthly—currently the second Thursday of the month—to discuss items relevant to the section and its affiliated groups and chapters.

The ExCom is defined in the bylaws as the section chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, past chair, section student activities chair, section student representative, and eight directors. The officers’ terms are one year, and the directors’ terms are two years. In general the ExCom is 15 members, but during transitions, there is some overlap in order to provide continuity.

The AdCom is defined in the bylaws as the ExCom, plus the chapter chairs, student chapter chairs, affinity group chairs, standing committee chairs, and all other appointees.

Members of the ExCom and AdCom are subscribed to the private listservs and, respectively. More information about the IEEE Washington Section email distribution lists can be found here.