LISTSERV Information

The Section maintains mailing lists via the official IEEE LISTSERV.

  • Info ( The Info list is intended for “friends” of the Section who would like to receive announcements about Section meetings or other relevant information. Membership is intended to include (but is not limited to) Washington Section officers and directors, Washington and NoVA chapter and student branch officers, past Section ExCom members, and local MGA and R2 administration. The Info list is not a discussion list. Anyone can subscribe, but posts are sent to the moderator for approval.
  • ExCom ( The ExCom list contains the ExCom members as defined in the bylaws: the section chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, past chair, section student activities chair, section student representative, and directors. Membership is restricted to these individuals.
  • AdCom ( The AdCom list contains AdCom members as defined in the bylaws: the ExCom, plus the chapter chairs, student chapter chairs, affinity group chairs, standing committee chairs, and all other appointees. Membership is restricted to these individuals.

Monthly AdCom meetings are announced to the AdCom and Info lists.

To subscribe to a list, send an email with the content SUBSCRIBE washsec-info, SUBSCRIBE washsec-adcom, or SUBSCRIBE washsec-excom to Subscription requests for the AdCom and ExCom lists are sent to the list owner for approval. To unsubscribe, use the UNSUBSCRIBE command similarly.

Complete LISTSERV documentation can be found here.