Washington Section History

The Washington Section of the IEEE has a rich history going back at least to 1902, though it was formally admitted to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE)—one of two predecessor organizations of the IEEE—in 1903. The Washington Section history and material from the section archives (1903-1953) have been added to the digital archives of the IEEE Global History Network.

The embedded PDF below contains information on the first fifty years, and includes the interesting detail that Alexander Graham Bell was a member.

(Columbian University became George Washington University in 1904)

A full-page story in the November 2009 issue of the IEEE History Center newsletter describes the Washington Section’s additions to the GHN archives. According to the article,

The Washington, D.C. Section offers a wonderful example of how an IEEE organizational unit can use the GHN to preserve and showcase its institutional memory.
The newsletter is available online (PDF). Click the link for to retrieve the PDF file, and go to p. 4 to read the story about the Washington Section Archives.