Section Chair

The Section Chair is the Chief Operating Officer of the Section and is responsible for ensuring that the Section (including Section Technical Chapters and Section Affinity Groups) fulfills the Section Mission and Goals. The Section Chair ensures that are all local units are in compliance with IEEE Policies and local regulations.
The Section Chair manages the operations of the Section to ensure the best interests of the local members are being met. The Section Chair provides leadership, guidance to other Section volunteers and ensures that the Section activities are focused on increasing member engagement and satisfaction.
The Section Chair appoints volunteers to represent the Section at IEEE business meetings and other functions and makes appointments to open volunteer positions with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Serves as a Chair of the IEEE Section Executive Committee
  • Preside at meetings of the Section Executive Committee
  • Represent the Section at IEEE gatherings
  • Represent the interests of the Section members on the Region 2 Committee

The Member Geographic Committee published a Section Chair Position Description.

YearSection Chair
2017Kiki Ikossi
2016Marty Schulmann
2015James Magee
2014Michael Cardinale
2013Barry Tilton (Acting)
2012Jeff Poston
2011Timothy F. Settle
2010Barry Tilton
2009Monica Mallini
2008Syed Ahmed
2007Chuck Sisung Jr.
2006Michael Cardinale
2005Murty Polavarapu
2004Amarjeet Basra
2002Michael Cardinale