Member Grade Elevation

Upon joining IEEE, members are assigned a grade depending on where they are in their career. Student and graduate student members are automatically transferred to higher grades on graduation or after eight years. Two other grade members must substantiate their elevation:

  • Associate Grade to Member Grade Elevation – An IEEE Associate Member who updates their profile in the member portal with newly acquired, qualifying experience is automatically upgraded to Member Grade. Members gain the rights to vote in general IEEE elections and hold volunteer officer positions. See the Associate Member Elevation page for more information.
  • Member Grade to Senior Member Grade Elevation – Member Grade members may apply for Senior Member Grade, indicating peer-recognition of significant professional experience and accomplishment in an IEEE-designated field. The process is explained in more detail on the Become an IEEE Senior Member page. Northern VA Section leaders are also pleased to nominate and serve as the three required Senior Member or Fellow references for qualified applicants; send your resume to the section chair and membership development coordinator for assistance.

Senior Members with extraordinary accomplishments may be nominated for the highest grade, IEEE Fellow. See About the IEEE Fellow Program for details.  Some IEEE grades may also fall under other designations and categories.