Sajjad Durrani Award

IEEE Corporate Awards and elevation to IEEE Fellow are among the highest technical honors available to all our members.

Starting in 2022, the IEEE Washington and Northern Virginia Sections will jointly bestow our own annual technical award in memory of an active local volunteer, mentor, and IEEE Fellow with numerous contributions to relay satellites over his career.  The Sajjad (Saj) Durrani Technical Achievement Award will be given to one of our members who demonstrates exceptional leadership in the field of communications, mentoring, and promotion of workplace diversity in pursuit of advancement for the  benefit of humanity.


Basis For Selection

A nominee must be a member of IEEE, Washington or Northern Virginia Section, in good standing, at time of nomination.  Nominees will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Significant contribution(s) to the design and development of communication theory, design, or systems.
  • Mentoring in IEEE and/or among colleagues.
  • Promoting diversity in engineering and sciences.
  • Peaceful scientific pursuits in the workplace.


Nomination Process

Nominators must provide documentation of the above qualities by completing the Sajjad Durrani Award Nomination Form and soliciting five people willing to compose letters of support.  The nomination form and endorsement letters must be emailed to by June 30, 2022.



The award consists of a plaque presented at the annual Capital Area Awards Banquet hosted jointly by the Washington and Northern Virginia sections, usually in the spring.


IEEE Award Policy

IEEE Policy 4.4 (Limitations of Awards) states:

“No person shall receive an award, or be the nominator or reference for a nomination for a candidate for an award, who, at any stage of the recipient-selection process for that award, is eligible to vote on who shall receive that award. This conflict-of-interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units.”

With reference to the WASH-NOVA Sections, this Policy affects Members of the respective Awards Committee*, and voting members of the WASH and NOVA Administrative Committees.**

* The Awards Committee prepares a slate of candidates for the IEEE WASH and NOVA annual awards.

** The Administrative Committee approves the award slate proposed by the Awards Committee.



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