Executive Committee

The IEEE Northern Virginia Section’s Executive Committee (ExCom) volunteers vote on an annual budget, plan open monthly meetings, organize other section events like the annual banquet and elections, and support the efforts of the technical society chapters, councils, and affinity groups.

ExCom consists of:

  • The Chair – presides over meetings
  • The Vice-Chair – elected for a term of one year and may then assume the role of Chair
  • Treasurer – elected for a term of one year
  • Secretary – elected for a term of one year
  • Past Chair – previous year’s chair
  • Directors – elected for a two-year term, with four beginning in odd-numbered years and four in even-numbered years
  • Student Activities Chair
  • Student Representative
  • Committee Chairs
  • NoVA Section Chapter and Affinity Group Chairs


IEEE members are expected to support the organization’s mission, behave according to the Code of Conduct and IEEE Code of Ethics, and to invite others who will do the same to join.  To see the additional responsibilities expected of section positions follow the links below.

Many volunteers that have held unelected positions would welcome someone else willing to take over; contact the section chair if you’re interested.  Online training and/or mentoring is available.

Section ChairExComElectedVacantDecember 31, 2022
Section Vice-ChairExCom ElectedMurty PolavarapuDecember 31, 2022
Section TreasurerExCom ElectedMike OlexDecember 31, 2022
Section SecretaryExCom ElectedJames Cross-ColeDecember 31, 2022
Section Past ChairExCom ElectedBill ScheibleDecember 31, 2022
Section Student Activities ChairExComAppointedRichard MetzgerDecember 31, 2021
Section Student RepresentativeExComAppointed Vacant
Director ExComElectedPinping SunDecember 31, 2023
Director ExComElectedTony GuoDecember 31, 2023
Director ExComElectedVivek MenonDecember 31, 2023
Director ExComElectedOpenDecember 31, 2023
Director ExComElectedBhaskara MooleDecember 31, 2022
Director ExComElectedJohn CyrusDecember 31, 2022
Director ExComElectedAmir AbouelnagaDecember 31, 2022
Director ExComElectedKiki IkossiDecember 31, 2022
Member Development Committee Chair ExComAppointedMarc ApterDecember 31, 2022
Professional Activities Chair ExCom AppointedAmir AbouelnagaDecember 31, 2022
Pre-University Education Activities Chair ExComAppointedMartin SchulmanDecember 31, 2022