Bylaws & Local Operating Procedures




November 12, 2019


This document contains the Local Operating Procedures from which the Northern Virginia Section of the IEEE shall be governed, operated, and administered.  The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual (“MGA Operations Manual”) defines how an IEEE section is formed and operates but leaves some decisions up to local leadership and omits section-specific details.  These procedures remove ambiguities and define choices made by Northern Virginia Section of the IEEE.  The IEEE Constitution, IEEE Local Operating Procedures, IEEE Policy Manual, Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Operations Manual and Region 2 Local Operating Procedures will prevail when there is a conflict between these documents and Section Local Operating Procedures.

ARTICLE 1 – Name and Territory

Section 1

This organization shall be known as “The Northern Virginia Section of the IEEE”, “The IEEE Northern Virginia Section”, “The IEEE Northern VA Section”, or when clear from context “IEEE NoVA”.  For the remainder of this document it will be referred to as “the Section”.

Section 2

The territory of the Section, as approved by the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA), consists of  the following counties and cities within the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Counties                                                  Cities

Arlington                                        Alexandria

Clarke                                               Fairfax

Fairfax                                             Falls Church

Frederick                                        Manassas

Loudoun                                         Manassas Park

Prince William                             Winchester

ARTICLE II – Officers & Directors

Section 1

The elected Officers of the Section shall be:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-Chair.  In addition, the Section membership shall elect eight Directors.  Jointly, the Officers and Directors are the Section Member Elected Officers of the Section.  All Section Member Elected Officers shall be an IEEE member of Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade.  None of whom may simultaneously hold two or more section level elected positions except that the Secretary and Treasurer positions may be combined.

Section 2

The terms of office of the elected Officers shall be for one year and two years for elected Directors.

Section 3

Terms of office will begin on 1 January and end on 31 December of a given calendar year.  Outgoing officers will continue until their successors are duly elected and take office.

Section 4

The Vice-Chair shall become the Section Chair the following year.  If prior to finalizing the Section officer ballot the Vice-Chair notifies the Executive Committee (defined below) that he or she does not plan to assume that role the following year the Section members will also elect the next year’s Chair.

The Vice-Chair shall perform the Chair’s duties if the Chair resigns during their term unless the Executive Committee fills the vacancy (defined below).  In either case, the Vice Chair becomes the Chair the following year.

The Chair becomes the Past Chair after their one-year term.  The Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair are all considered elected officers.

Section 5

Half the Directors shall be elected in odd years and the other half in even years.  Director positions are interchangeable; all candidates for the position of Director shall be placed on the ballot in alphabetical order by last name.  When electing four Directors  the four names receiving the largest numbers of votes win.

Should a director notify the Executive Committee of their intent to vacate their office during the first year and prior to finalizing the Section officer ballot, section members will vote for an additional Director to complete the remaining year of their term.

The duties of the Section Directors shall include: attending meetings of the Executive and Executive Committees; attending and promoting meetings of chapters and other IEEE activities in territory; helping and encouraging chapter, council, and affinity group chairs to identify speakers and venues and to hold meetings; and to recommend and facilitate new activities consistent with the Section’s purpose, membership interests, and strengths.

Section 6

Any vacancy in an Officer or Director position occurring during the year except for Past Chair shall be filled pro-tem by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE III – Committees of the Section

Section 1

The Section Chair with approval of the Executive Committee elected members will appoint the chairs for each of the Committees of the Section.  Their terms will expire on 31 December, unless extended for another term by the Executive Committee.  The Chairs of the Committees of the Section shall be members of the Section’s Executive Committee.

Section 2

The duties of the Committees of the Section shall be consistent with the MGA Operations Manual.

ARTICLE IV – Management

Section 1

The management of Section shall be by the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the elected Officers, the eight Directors, Chairs of the Committees of the Section, Chairs of Chapters and Affinity Groups with Northern Virginia Section as the Primary Parent and the Student Activities Chair and the Student Representative.

Section 2

A quorum at any Section Meeting shall be 7 of the 13 Section Member Elected Officers of the Section.

Section 3

Each Executive Committee member has one vote regardless of the number of positions that they hold.

ARTICLE V – Amendments

Section 1

Proposals for amendments to these Local Operating Procedures may originate in the Executive Committee or by a petition signed by at least 2% of the voting members of the Section.  Proposed Local Operating Procedures or changes thereto, along with sufficient justification, shall be delivered or mailed to the Section’s Executive Committee members at least twenty days before the stipulated Executive Committee meeting at which the vote shall be taken.

Section 2

Two-thirds (2/3) of all votes cast at that meeting shall be required to approve any new Operating Procedures, amendment or revocation.

Section 3

The amended Local Operating Procedures shall be submitted to the Member and Geographic Activities Department staff for review prior to forwarding to the Regional Director and Member and Geographic Activities Board for approval.

Section 4

Amendments may be debated, but shall not undergo revision at a general meeting of the Section.



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