Communication Tools

These tools facilitate communication with members and other volunteers.

CamtasiaCamtasia enables chapters to record and later post technical talks. It captures screen and optional camera video, and the section has microphones for high-quality audio, and allows zoom, overlays, quizzes, and other editing. The speaker must sign a release form and the audience must be notified. Region 6 has some useful information at, but contact instead of John Walz. Contact Murty Polavarapu.
CollabratecThis free social media platform from IEEE offers robust support for online communities and document collaboration.
Entity Web HostingThe IEEE provide free web hosting for sections, chapters, conferences, and other groups and events. The WordPress-based system has a wide set of Plugins, some of which integrate with other communication tools.
Functional Email AliasesThe IEEE supports creation of email addresses like "" that will send to different people over time.
ListservA well-known mailing list manager, Listserv allows users to manage their own subscriptions. Use it wherever large numbers of members want to exchange email on a regular basis.
SmartSheetThis Software-as-a-Service offers multi-user web-based project management with email notifications and reports.
vToolsThis suite of online services created and operated by IEEE offers event calendaring, selective email notifications, surveys, elections, and L31 filing. It is the single-most important and probably most-used tool collection available to volunteers.
WebExThe IEEE can provide WebEx credentials for interactive, online meetings and presentations. Use it when you want live remote participants. Recording for later playback is supported; the speaker must sign a release form and the audience must be notified.