IEEE NoVA Heartbeat – March 2020

IEEE Northern Virginia (NoVA) Section Newsletter

Cherry blossom is only weeks away and as the city is getting ready to celebrate nature’s beauty, the dark shadow of coronavirus still marching around the globe despite travel restrictions aimed at curtailing its spread raises concerns and keeps us alert. We urge our members to take any precautions necessary to avoid getting sick. We are fortunate here in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to be safe since we have no confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

In the meantime, our IEEE NoVA Chapter Chairs are working diligently to plan technical meetings catered to your professional interests. Starting this year, the IEEE NoVA Section Directors are also focusing on engaging more with our members on social media and use several channels to enhance the communication and open a bilateral dialog. Kudos to our Public Relations Director, Dr. Vivek Menon, to our Young Volunteers Coordinator Director, Dr. Ahmed Kausar and more than anything, to our Students Activities Chair and Young Professional Affinity Group Chair, Dr. Richard Metzger that continue to dedicate so many hours of their time to make this effort a success.

This month, please join us on LinkedIn: We are looking forward to hearing your voice, and to share with us your IEEE activities.








An IoT Platform for Building Energy Efficiency Applications

03 Mar 6:30 PM



McLean, VA


VTS: Maryland DOT Autonomous Automobile Demonstration Project at MARC Train Dorsey Station

10 Mar 11:30 AM



Washington DC


IEEE NoVA AdCom Meeting

10 Mar  6:30 PM



Vienna, VA


Microwaving a Biological Cell Alive – Broadband Label-free Noninvasive Electrical Characterization of a Live Cell

24 Mar 6:30 PM



College Park, MD


The Modern Technology Tsunami: How to Think About It. How to Benefit From It. How to Survive It.

25 Mar  1:00 PM




Middletown, VA


As more technical meetings will be planned, they will be announced through email and posted on our web site at  You can also search for events in and outside our section on the IEEE vTools Events site  Meanwhile, there are numerous IEEE Conferences planned in and around the DC Metro area this year; a partial list is below, and links are posted on our web site.


We have many opportunities for volunteers to help plan and run technical and social events, and our existing and past volunteers are here to answer questions and help.  In particular, we plan to give awards at five regional science fairs to students with the best projects related to any IEEE society; if you would like to serve as a judge contact Martin Schulman at  

Additionally, we are in need of volunteers to represent IEEE NoVA for Congressional Visits Day scheduled March 24-25, 2020.  March 6 is the deadline to register

Conferences and Events

Here is a partial list of IEEE-organized and sponsored events in our area this year.




IEEE Congressional Visits Day

24-25 Mar

Washington, DC

Region 2 Student Activities Conference

3-5 April

Baltimore, MD

2020 IEEE Systems Security Symposium

6-9 Apr

Crystal City, VA

2020 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS)

21-23 Apr

Herndon, VA

Wireless Telecommunications Conference

22-24 Apr

Washington, DC

2020 IEEE International RADAR Conference

27 Apr – 1 May

Washington, DC

2020 Spring Simulation Conference

19-21 May

Fairfax, VA

The 29th Software Technology Conference

1-4 Jun

Gaithersburg, MD

IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance

22-25 Sep

Washington, DC

Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition

13-15 Oct

Washington, DC


2020 Section Officers


                  Chair        – Dr. Michaela Iorga

                  Vice Chair – Dr. Melissa Stange



Secretary – Dmitry Cousin

Treasurer – Martin Schulman

Past Chair – Michael Olex

2019-2020 DIRECTORS:

 Nadim Haddad ;     Dr. Kiki Ikossi;

 Dr. Uday Krishna;   Dr. Bhaskara Moole 

2020-2021 DIRECTORS:

James Cross-Cole;   Harry Sauberman;

Dr. Vivek Menon;     Dr. Ahmed Kausar


Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Michaela Iorga, IEEE Northern Virginia Section Chair

on behalf of the NoVA Heartbeat’s Editorial Committee Chaired by Dr. Chandra Curtis



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