IEEE NoVA Heartbeat – April 2020


    April 2020 Newsletter


We are in the middle of a critical period and must help our Government to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of our members are teleworking or are in administrative leave while others hold critical roles and continue to work and provide critical services to all of us. We thank you all! More than anything, we hope all our members incorporated the President’s guidance for social distancing into their personal lives.. As we continue to stand together as citizens to defeat this invisible enemy, our commitment to social distancing will protect our people and save American lives. I have no doubt that our Nation will emerge from this ordeal stronger than ever.

As the global COVID-19 outbreak presents an unprecedented challenge for our Nation, Northern Virginia (NoVA) ExCom officers understand that this time is difficult and stressful and would like to offer a hand to our IEEE members to go through this difficult time.

While we are following the President’s guidance, our ExCom Officers, Directors and our Chapters leaders are thriving to reinvent the way we operate and adapt to the current situation by organizing virtual meetings with topics that would help our IEEE NoVAmembers to cope easier with the coronavirus epidemic while keeping abreast of the technological advances.

Our team is also here to serve our community and help our members of the IEEE family in times of need. Please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 703-755-0651 and I will coordinate with our team the necessary support.


New IEEE Spectrum Member Exclusive

IEEE members can now access full issues of IEEE Spectrum going back to 2007 just by signing in with their IEEE Account. 

> View the latest issue

Access IEEE Content with the IEEE Member Digital Library

The IEEE Member Digital Library brings IEEE members exclusive, instant access to IEEE journals, magazines, transactions, letters, and conference proceedings through a monthly subscription. Access the information you need from the full range of IEEE publications with a monthly subscription to the IEEE Member Digital Library including:

  • More than 5 million technology articles
  • More than 195 journals, magazines, transactions, and letters
  • More than 1,800 conference proceeding titles

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eBook Classics – New Titles for 2020

Seven new titles were added to the list of eBook Classic for the 2020 membership year. IEEE members now have access to more than 370 eBook Classic titles, available from the IEEE Press collection through IEEE Xplore, at no additional cost. The eBook collection spans a number of today’s technologies across 15 different content areas, and includes; Practical handbooks, introductory and advanced texts, reference works, and professional books.

New eBook Classic titles will be added every year. 

  1. Sign in to IEEE Xploreusing your IEEE Account.
  2. Under the “Browse” heading in the left-hand navigation, click on “Books.”
  3. Select the “Classics” tab from the top of the page. Under this tab you will find a listing of all the free titles.

> Sign in to IEEE Xplore

Call for Grant Applications

Do you have a project idea and need funding? The IEEE Foundation invites grant applications exclusively from IEEE organizational units for projects that address the theme: To Educate the Public About the Potential for Emerging Technologies to Improve the Quality of Life. Preference will go to projects that focus on delivery of healthcare. 

Applications for the 2020 cycle will be accepted through 3 July. Funding decisions will be announced by 15 December. Grants ranging from US$5,000 to US$100,000 will be awarded to deserving initiatives.  

> Learn more


35% Discount on All Wiley Books

Receive a 35% discount on all Wiley books! The Wiley book collection, which includes all titles from Wiley-IEEE Press, spans numerous content areas, including bioengineering, power and energy, and communication technologies, among other growing areas of research. Sign in using your IEEE member account and the discount code will appear on the next page. The code does not expire and has unlimited use.

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eBooks from IEEE-USA

Valuable Lessons I Learned from Dad’s Workshop–Vol. 1: Be Creative–Plan Ahead

Always inspiring and often humorous, in Volume 1 of this two-volume series, author Harry T. Roman concentrates on what he learned from his father about creativity and planning. Describing his boyhood as his “wonder years,” the author relates, with both admiration and insights, how he learned valuable engineering career lessons–all while helping his father in the large basement workshop of their home. 

Follow the instructions to download your free audio book in MP3 format. No Promo Code required!

The Slate Twins: Caught in the Currents (A New Engineering Comic Book!)

There’s a new duo of superheroes in town, ready to battle the Forces of Evil, and they come from a long line of geniuses. One of them, quite conveniently, is one of the most prolific inventors and futurists in the history of engineering. 

Special member pricing: US$2.99.

Save on IEEE Risk Management eLearning Tutorial 

Members can learn how to apply risk management concepts and identify risk factors that may be associated with any engineering disciplines. 

Members get a US$25 discount on this course.

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New Course Prices

IEEE Members:



IEEE Student Members:



IEEE Non-Members:



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Whising you all the best,

Dr Michaela Iorga,
IEEE NoVA Chair 

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