IEEE Northern Virginia Section Treasurer

The IEEE Northern Virginia Section Treasurer is the section CFO, responsible for financial matters and with a vote on the Executive Committee.


Q. What are the main responsibilities of the treasurer?
A. The IEEE Northern Virginia Section treasurer:
  • Supports the chair in developing the annual budget and presenting it for a vote.
  • Pays for venues, foods, and other section expenses.
  • Transfers funds between the section, region, and chapters as needed.
  • Verifies volunteer expense reimbursement requests are consistent with IEEE rules and the budget and approves reimbursement.
  • Uses IEEE financial systems to track the above against the annual budget and reports status at monthly Executive Committee meetings.
  • Prepares the annual financial report at the beginning of the next treasurer’s term.
Q. How does the budget creation process work?
A. At the beginning of the year, the chair and treasurer do their best to predict what the section and chapters will receive from IEEE and what they will spend on activities.  They use spending from the previous year as a starting point, and take their best guess.
Q. What if I get it wrong?
A. Everyone does.  It’s required to do, but it’s not an exact science.  If additional funds are needed for something, a motion can be brought to ExCom.  If monies are spent as expected they remain in the section account until the next year.
Q. How does the treasurer pay expenses?
A. The treasurer should request a credit card tied to the section bank account.  Payments automatically show up in the accounting system used to track them.  Transferring funds between different organizational units within IEEE uses a different system but is equally simple.
Q. I’ve never done this before – how will I learn?
A. On the job!  The prior year’s treasurer stays involved for a few months to get you on your feet and to file the previous year’s report.  Many of the section officers and past volunteers are familiar with the procedures, and if they don’t know the IEEE staff are happy to answer your emails and phone calls.
Q. Okay, I’d like to run for treasurer.  What’s the next step?
A. Submit the Nomination form.
Q. I’m not sure this is for me, but I know somebody else that might be willing.  Can I nominate them?
A. Yes!  Send their name in an email to  If the nomination committee finds they are eligible and needs candidates they will contact them.