IEEE Northern Virginia Section Director

IEEE Northern Virginia Section Directors are voting members of the Executive Committee.


Q. What are the primary responsibilities of a IEEE Northern Virginia Section Director?
A. Directors are expected to:
  • Ask relevant questions and offer informed suggestions at monthly Executive Committee meetings.
  • Leverage any specific organizational, social media/public relations, student, or other skills or connections to support section activities.
Q. Why do sections need directors?
A. Directors provide additional help and expertise to the section officers.  Increasing the number of members of the Executive Committee also provides a check on section spending, since motions will require additional votes to pass.
Q. Why do directors have to serve for two years?
A. Overlapping director terms provides continuity from year to year.
Q. Why would I want this role?
A. While directors need to attend ExCom meetings to cast votes, they don’t spend as much time preparing for monthly meetings which is helpful for those with busy schedules.  If you would consider running for an officer position, it’s also a good way to learn how the section operates and to meet other active volunteers.
Q. How do I submit my candidacy?
A. Complete the Nomination form.  You can also email with the name of a member you think may be interested.  The nomination committee will contact them if they are eligible and additional candidates are needed.