IEEE-USA Livestream Webinar: Data-Driven Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Focused Data


Innovation is exhilarating, yet without direction, it can lead to spiraling costs and misplaced efforts. How often do fresh ideas lead to overwhelming brainstorming sessions, escalating expenses, and inflated hopes? Many leading corporations have implemented robust systems to streamline innovation endeavors, ensuring maximum ROI and minimized risks. Central to these systems is the strategic use of precise data. In this enlightening talk, we will delve into: - The significance of patent data in uncovering innovation prospects. - The spectrum of data essential for locating innovation opportunities. - Strategies to leverage this data for both immediate and future requirements. Join us to discover how data-driven insights can transform your innovation journey. Speaker(s): Steve Pearson, Agenda: IEEE-USA's free webinars/events are designed to help you find your next job, maintain your career, negotiate an appropriate salary, understand ethical considerations in the workplace and learn about other career-building strategies and public policy developments that affect your profession. For information regarding upcoming webinars or to visit our vast webinar archive, please visit: This program is offered exclusively to active IEEE members. Virtual: