IEEE Young Professional’s (YP)

  • IEEE understands the needs of recent graduates and young professionals. The idea in establishing the missing bridge to facilitate students to become world class professionals was first mooted in Section Congress 1996. As a result, Graduate Of the Last Decade (GOLD) affinity groups were launched in various Sections as pilot project to evaluate its feasibility. The feedback was positive and since then, more Sections started their own YP affinity groups to meet needs of the target audience, which comprises of graduates from within 10 years of their first professional degree.
  • What is YP?
    • YP = Young Professional
    • Affinity group that hosts social functions and teams up with technical societies to host events
  • What is the purpose of YP?
    • YP’s mission and objective is to assist young professionals to transition from a student to a professional. IEEE members who are YP members also retain a YP member status for 10 years after graduation.


 Role of YP Regional Representative

  • Act as a liaison between the Region and the YP Committee
  • Participate in YP Committee meetings and report to the Region Director at regional meetings on YP status and activities
  • Inform YP Committee of local activities that might be of interest to the YP membership.
  • To help bridge the transition of Student members to Section members and encourage recent graduates to stay IEEE member.
  • Facilitate the establishment of local IEEE YP Affinity Groups within a Section and/or Society, including student branches, in the regional area.
  • Support the establishment of YP Groups helping identify volunteers and training them.
  • Maintain an advisory relationship with the local YP Affinity Group and provide guidance such as, new initiatives or assistance in the procurement of funds for activities that support the objectives of MGA.
  • Provide support and guarantee that the YP Groups in the Region maintain a good level of activity.
  • Help to Increase the participation of college students within IEEE,
  • Gather information of status of IEEE student members in the Region and disseminate it.


YP Awards and Recognition

* Hall of Fame Award

  • The Hall of Fame Award is given annually to three outstanding affinity groups worldwide
  •  It recognizes the outstanding achievements that Inspire and Engage Young Professionals

* Certificate of Appreciation

  • Expresses the appreciation for exceptional services performed by individuals
  • Is awarded to any program, society or activity


R2 Young Professionals Regional Representative

Chris Dietsch



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