The Villanova University IEEE Student Chapter would like to invite you to the 2024 IEEE Region 2 & Region 1 Joint Student Activities Conference on April 5 – 7, 2024.

For IEEE Student Counselors, early registration is $0, and late registration is $100. More information on registration costs is present on VTools.

Registration for this event closes on March 15th, 2024.

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Student registration includes all SAC events, two nights in a quad room lodging, lunch on Saturday, refreshment breaks, the Women in Engineering Panel and Networking Event, and banquet dinner on Saturday evening.

For more information reach out to Jenna Fazio at



There are several opportunities for students to network with other IEEE members as well as other companies.  A Company Expo being hosted throughout the conference along with Companies presenting a 20-minute information session.



SAC24 will also showcase panels and workshops focusing on Student Engagement for students and Vtools Basics & Section Collaboration for staff and counselors. A session for IEEE Student Branch Presidents to meet with a member of the IEEE Technical Activities Board to hear your needs is also planned.


Women in Engineering Panel



Coming soon on vtools. You must have an IEEE student national membership to register for this event.

For IEEE Student Members, the early registration fee will be $70 per student member, and late registration will cost $100 per student member. Those that are not IEEE student members will have to pay $120 for early registration, and $200 for late registration. For IEEE Student Counselors, early registration is $0, and late registration is $100. More information on registration costs is present on VTools.

Registration for this event closes on March 15th, 2024.


Conference competitions will consist of a Paper competition, MicroMouse competitions, and SumoBot competitions. Each competition has cash prize money for the winners.

  • The SumoBot Competition is one of the only competitions at the SAC that allows student teams to face off directly against each other. Teams will prepare their fighters by building, designing, and coding a robot. The robot must act autonomously once the fight begins, and work to push the enemy robot outside of the arena in a sumo-style battle. Different competitions will occur for those with pre-build bots and those that assemble their bots. Click HERE to view the Sumobot Competition Rules (available soon).
  • The Brown Bag Electronics Competition is when a student will be given a bag of random components and is requested to use their technical background and to develop a strategy to create a solution. Through this event, students are often required to combine their skills in digital logic, circuit analysis, embedded development, and problem-solving. Click HERE to view the Brown Bag Electronics Competition Rules (available soon).
  • The Ethics Competition encourages students within teams to use their knowledge of the IEEE Code of Ethics to overcome a problem that exists in science or engineering. Click HERE to view the Ethics Competition Rules (available soon).
  • The Paper Competition will allow students to submit papers on projects and research that they have completed. A panel of judges will read, analyze and ask questions on the papers and will be able to ask students questions during the paper presentations. CLick HERE to view more information on the Paper Competition (available soon).


  • The Arduino Workshops will be focused on enhancing students’ skills in Arduino outside what they learn in the classroom to be able to apply it to real-life experiences and scenarios.
  • Mangdang Workshop teaches students how to use an open-sourced system to control a robot to perform specific tasks. Through this workshop, one can see live how code can make a robot move.
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) Using the RTL-SDR Workshop will present the integrated circuit configurations and the applications of the inexpensive SDR dongle that provides a practical understanding and experience in wireless technology. Freeware software will demonstrate analog and digital spectral analysis and voice and data reception. Technical topics will include inphase and quadrature signals, up and down frequency conversion and filtering and external antenna construction. Demonstrated applications of the RTL-SDR will consist of broadcast, aeronautical, Amateur Radio and satellite reception. A drawing for several RTL-SDR dongles will be made during the Workshop for the participants to retain, sponsored by IEEE-USA.
  • The Signal Safari Workshop uses radar tracking is used in a variety of fields, including animal tracking in ecology research. In this workshop, you will build a Yagi antenna and connect it to your laptop with an SDR dongle. Then, we will use radar tracking techniques to look for our very own Villanova Safari animals on campus. We will also look for overhead satellites and other radio transmissions in the area.
  • Professional and Career Development Workshops include two separate workshops that students can attend to enhance their professional brand and connections with companies. The first workshop focuses on building one’s professional brand through resumes and a LinkedIn account. The second workshop focuses on the interview process and how to create a relationship with the employer that you are interviewing with. Both workshops will be run by individuals who work in Villanova’s Career Center.


Tru by Hilton Audubon Valley Forge: the registration link will be available in vtool registration


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If you or your company would like to help sponsor this event or participate in the Company Expo, please see the SPONSORSHIP PACKET


Activities Log:

  1. IEEE Susquehanna Section 2023 Regional Capstone Winners

    • The 3rd IEEE Susquehanna Section Capstone Award 2023 ceremony was conducted on 10/03/2023. This year the judging panel declared York College of Pennsylvania and Penn State Harrisburg capstone teams as the joint winners.
    • Awarding Photos
  2. IEEE R2 Erie Section: IEEE Erie Student symposium on Monday April 3rd 2023 at Gannon University.

    • Students from different universities participated to present their final year research/projects.
    • There were 9 posters presented from a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, computer, software, environment, and biomechanical engineering fields.
    • Event Photos

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