The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Low Resource Environments


The ( Ad Hoc Committee on SIGHT Best Practices is cooperating with a number of IEEE OUs including IEEE Bahrain Section SIGHT, IEEE SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT, IEEE Philadelphia Section SIGHT, IEEE Karachi SIGHT and ( to organise this Lecture as part of a Series of Webinars. IEEE Members, SIGHT Members and SSIT Members as well as non-IEEE Members are invited to ( and participate. IEEE Members should include their IEEE Membership Number when registering. This Webinar will take place online at 10am Eastern Time / 3pm GMT+1 on Thursday 06 July. Click ( Registered participants will be provided with the link prior to the event. FOCUS In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the important role energy efficiency can play in addressing humanitarian challenges and improving the lives of vulnerable populations. This has led to increased efforts to promote energy efficiency solutions tailored to humanitarian settings' specific needs and contexts. In this seminar, we will explore how energy efficiency can improve humanitarian conditions and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing energy efficiency measures in these contexts. Speaker(s): Dr Hanan M. Albuflasa , Agenda: 10am - 10:40am ET / 3pm - 3:40pm GMT+1 Introduction and Presentation 10:40 - 11am ET / 3:40pm - 4pm GMT+1 Discussion, Q&A Virtual: