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March 5th

9am-10:30am R1/ R2 Organizing an IEEE Conference – Felicia Harlow & Charles Rubenstein

11:00- Call to order – Barry Tilton

11:05 – Introductions and Director Presentation

11:30 – Director-Elect Report

11:45 – Secretary Report

2022 R2 Committee Approval  – Motion passed

Agenda Approval – Motion passed
Meeting Minutes from Oct 2021 Approval – Motion passed

12:00 – Lunch

12:45 – 1:15 WIE Chair Update – Carole Carey

1: 30 – Region 10 Update – Deepak Mathur

1:40 – Region 08 Update – Antonio Luque

1:45 – MGA Presentation – Jill Gostin, Cecilia Jankowski

2:23 – What’s New for 20222 (IEEE-USA) – Deb Cooper

2:45 – R2 Director Elect Nominations announcement

Provide to Parviz the required information by COB 3/5/2022

2:47 – IEEE Executive Director’s Report – Steve Welby

3:15 – Professional Activities Report – Joe Kalasky

3:37 – Professional Picture announcement for website + BREAK

3:57 – Vitality Report – Rhonda Farrell

4:27 – Financial Report – Phil Gonski

Amend the budget for SAC travel to annual meeting of $1500 – Motion passed

Budget approval – Motion passed

4:45 – South Area Report – Don Herres

4:50 – Central Area Report – Jim Beck, Steve Mozelewski, Harold Underwood, Diego Penaloza

5:02 – West Area Report – Chang Liu, Helen Winfrey, Charles Cerny, Chris Hrivnak, Ahmed Ammar


March 6th

9:05 Concur announcement

9:07 Region 2 Direct-Elect Nomination Process Brief- Parviz Famouri

10:55 BREAK

11:15 Educational Activities Report – Steve Bonk

11:27 Direct-Elect – Drew Lowery

Regional Student Representative Report – On behalf of Catherine Gao

Young Professional Report mention on google drive.

11:40 Membership Development Report– Ralph Sprang

11:55 Admission and Advancement Report – Ralph Sprang

12:10 Media Strategy Report – Ethan Lin, Ian Oberdorf, Alina Tilton

1:05 Sections Congress Report – Felicia Harlow

1:10 Meeting adjourned


Action Items:

3/6: CJ to share the IEEE logo with the social media team and R2 committee – Completed 3/6

3/6: Barry and Drew to work with Felicia to plan a Fall Traditional meeting






Voting Members Attendance Roll Call Attendance
Akron Director X
Baltimore X Director-Elect X
Central PA X Immediate Past Director  
Cincinnati   Secretary X
Cleveland X Treasurer X
Columbus X PACE  
Dayton X RSAC  
Erie   Area Chair – East  
Johnstown   Area Chair – West X
Lehigh   Area Chair – South X
Lima X Area Chair – Central X
NoVa X    
Philadelphia   Young Professional VACANT
Pittsburgh X Awards & Recognition  
So NJ X Membership Development  
Susquehanna X    
Washington DC      
WVA X    






  R2 Non-voting Appointees Attendance
  Nominations and Appointment  
  Women in Engineering  
  Industry Relations  
  Region Student Rep  
  K-12/ STEM Committee  
Name External Invites Attendance
Antonio Luque Region 8 Director X
Deepak Mathur Region 10 Director X
Cecelia Jankowski IEEE MGA Managing Director X
Deb Cooper IEEE USA Director & President X
  IEEE USA President-Elect X
  IEEE President X
  IEEE President-Elect X
  IEEE MGA Vice President Elect X
  IEEE Executive Director & COO X
  IEEE USA Sr-Mgr Career & Professional Activities X
  IEEE Insurance X