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Dear IEEE NJ Coast Life Members,

We are planning a Zoom event for June 13, 2024 at 12:00 noon.

Following are the details:

Speaker: Michael Andrews

Topic: A review of the 2024 IEEE Life Members Conference in Austin, Texas

Please mark your calendar.

Manu Malek, IEEE NJ Coast LMAG Chair


Title of talk: Evolution – The Life Member Conference

Abstract of talk:  Evolution – The Life Member Conference was a unique opportunity to connect, share experiences, and explore emerging technologies. It served as an engagement platform that provided Life Members and other attendees to expand their skills and value to other members, mentees, and the industry. The conference facilitated connections with industry veterans, seasoned professionals, and accomplished peers. The conference served as an enabler for expanding professional networks for potential collaborations and opportunities.

The conference provided current information on a variety of technical and leadership issues. Linked to the conference theme, Evolution, we offered a combination of workshops, panels and keynote presentations in areas of

  1. Technology – explore selected emerging technologies that impact seniors.
  2. Applications – discuss applications of technology for aging populations
  3. Contributions – sharing resources with future leaders.


Speaker’s Biography Michael Andrews is Managing Partner of Andrews & Associates (https://andrews-associates.com), a consulting firm specializing in new product creation and innovation, business leadership and management development, and Emergency Planning for businesses, schools, and government entities.

Mike is also a Founding Partner of Inception Advisory Group (https://inceptionadvisorygroup.com), a consulting firm that provides design, development, construction, operations, strategic planning, and financing solutions to entities in the cannabis industry.

Mr. Andrews is a Senior Life Member of IEEE and is currently serving IEEE members as the creator of the 2024 Life Members Conference (Evolution), Champion and co-founder of the Rising Stars Conference, the IEEE Awards Board, the Life Members Committee and chairs the IEEE-USA Awards Committee. Mike is also the Region 6 Life Member Coordinator and very active in several IEEE societies. He is also vice chair of the Innovation AI Summit planned for August 2024 in Seattle.

Mike’s IEEE volunteer experience is diverse. He has served on numerous MGA, TAB, EAB, and IEEE-USA boards and committees, including serving as the Region 6 Director. He is also very active on the Phoenix Section ExCom.  Mr. Andrews’ commitment to the community includes the Future City Competition, the Smart Education Foundation, host to the SMART Competition and the Salvation Army. He was awarded the George F. McClure Citation of Honor, an IEEE Millennium Medal for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE and the IEEE-USA Robert S. Walleigh Award for Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism. Mike has also received the Salvation Army Sally Award for outstanding volunteerism, the Hon Kachina Award for volunteer service in Arizona and the American Institute of Architects – Arizona award for program excellent.