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Welcome to IEEE Region 2

We have all become fully aware of the challenges brought forward by the global pandemic of the past years and we must continue to look for opportunities in these challenges. IEEE is a volunteer member-driven and staff-supported organization. We saw its true reflection in the past few years where volunteers and staff together made unimaginable opportunities available to its members. Numerous events such as webinars, conferences, congresses, competitions, awards ceremonies, and many other activities were almost instantaneously converted to and conducted in a virtual format. This could only happen in a finely tuned, globally connected organization such as the IEEE. As we move into 2023, the Region 2 team remains committed to maintaining the same level of commitment, drive, and innovation that has been shown in the past years.

Taking cues from the past, I would like to thank Mr. Barry Tilton, Past Region Director, for his leadership over the past two years. Barry and his team helped transition Region 2 throughout the global pandemic and got us through to the other side unscathed and with new tools and opportunities for the future.

Looking towards the future, IEEE President Saifur Rahman has outlined his 2023 priorities including (i) coordinating IEEE’s response to climate change, (ii) IEEE election pilots, (iii) innovating funding models, and (iv) coordinating IEEE’s response to multimedia-based digital reality technologies. These priorities will dictate the direction that core IEEE activities will take on the global stage for this year. In Region 2, we will try our
best to couple our local activities with these global goals. In addition to these, Region 2 has a local focus on the following priorities for 2023:

  1. Support for Local Activities: The Region needs to recognize and share the best of Section activities through an initiative that helps to capture activity (meetings, guest speakers, workshops, etc.) in one section that
    can be used in another.
  2. Financial Transparency and Growth: Regional funds support all members, and members should be easily able to see how funds are being and planned on being, used. Due to decreased membership, the Region
    needs to investigate additional sources of income, including the formation of an annual regional conference.
  3. Engagement of Students and Young Professionals: Regional and local units need to expand how we engage with Student Members and Young Professionals. The Region will continue to grow the successful Regional Student Activities Conference while supporting and forming additional activities with the support of higher-grade members.
  4. Leadership and Volunteering Opportunities: Outline and establish a leadership pipeline for current and future volunteers in local sections.

Apart from these, if you believe that there need to be any other specific areas of focus, please feel free to reach out to me personally. I am open to your ideas and look forward to your continued support in the coming year. It is my honor and privilege to serve as your Region 2 Director. Wishing you once again a very happy and promising time ahead.


Dr. Drew Lowery. 2023-2024 Region 2 Director