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Region 2 Fall Telephone Meeting December 18, 2004  
Director Kam presented his last report as director

New Bylaws take effect 1 January

Briefly discussed the difficulties with Baltimore forming its independent WIE affinity group

04-12-18 Moshe ppt in folder  R_2 Fall meeting
Past Director  
Past Director Apter gave a short report:

Stated that our director election had been completed

Our Bylaws regarding the Election process may have to change based upon Rab Procedures


Region 2 spends more on out students than any other region.

04-12-18_apter ppt in R_2 Fall Folder
Director Elect  
Director Elect Tullia provided his vision for the road ahead 04-12-18_tullia.ppt in R2 Fall Folder
Parvis Famouri  reported on PACE activities including a work shop and attendance a pace leadership conference.  Reminded the next pace leadership conference is 11-13 March 2005 04-12-18_famour.ppt
Student Activities  
Shrekanth Mandayam reported on student activities.  Next Conference will be 8-10 April   Requested Budget of $45,000 04-12-18_shree.ppt