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Guidelines for Conduct at Meetings


To aid members of Region 2 in proper conduct of business during meetings, following are some summary guidelines that adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order. These guidelines have been developed to assist in conducting a smooth, timely and efficient meeting. A matrix of some basic motions is attached.

  • Address all remarks to the Chair
  • If you wish to be recognized, raise your hand and get the attention of the R2 Parliamentarian, who will be keeping a list of speakers for the Chair
  • Keep in mind that the Chair will make every attempt to alternate between speakers who are in favor of the Motion being discussed and those who are opposed to it
  • Please preface your remarks with your position (pro or con)
  • Motions should be stated clearly so that they can be repeated to the body by the Chair or Secretary
  • To assist the Chair and Secretary, please write out your motion
  • A “Friendly Amendment” refers to agreement from the maker of the Motion that the proposed change is agreeable to or in keeping with the spirit of the original Motion

___________________________Parliamentary Rules__________________________


  • Quorum

Majority of voting members of the entire Region 2 Committee.


  • Voting – based on the number of members present at the time of the vote
  • Operations Manual and Ordinary items of business: Majority
  • Bylaws: Two-thirds present


  • The Chair
  • Conducts the meeting
  • Maintains due process
  • Has no right of debate
  • Chair may break ties and votes in secret ballots
  • Informs membership


  • Procedure
  • Maker of Motion gets the floor first
  • During debate:
    • No one speaks more than twice on the same question
    • No cross discussion – all remarks addressed to the Chair


  • Executive Session
  • Sitting members of the body
  • Individuals invited by the Chair to remain for a particular discussion or portion of a discussion