Director’s Farwell Message!

It was my honor to serve as the Director of the IEEE Region 2 for 2019 and 2020. IEEE Region 2 has a proud heritage and serves over 22,000 members in Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, northern Virginia, southern New Jersey, West Virginia, and Washington, DC with 20 vibrant IEEE sections. We are one of 10 geographical regions around the world which make up the IEEE whereas Regions 1-6 are the only regions within the US.

As I look back on two years as IEEE Region 2 Director, I recognize especially this year as  one marked by world-changing events. What has been quite obvious is that IEEE Region 2 is still a vibrant, engaged community and contributing more to our Region 2 members than ever before. This year we faced the challenges of a global pandemic, and we have still made Region 2 great again.

During my term as the Region 2 Director, many initiatives and projects were started and have been realized. At the beginning of 2019 I stated my primary goals for my term to especially support:

  • Our IEEE industry members, the “working professionals”, who have needs which might include continuing educations opportunities, career services, or networking opportunities.
  • Young Professionals are the key to sustaining our organization. We must engage our Young Professionals, and allow them opportunities for leadership.
  • Women in Engineering population needs more support from us than provided in the past to increase their visibility and ability to contribute and lead in our engineering profession,


Our Region 2 Committee has tirelessly worked on implementing new ways to support those goals.  Thanks to all of you!

For this, I am particularly grateful to Felicia Harlow, Region 2 Secretary, Philip Gonski Region 2 Treasurer, Region 2 Director-Elect Barry Tilton, Region 2 Parliamentarian and Region 2 Life Member and Regional Coordinator Marc Apter, and Rhonda Farrell Region Vitality Coordinator & Strategic Planning Coordinator. Without their never-failing support, encouragement, and hard work our success would never have been possible. I encourage every one of you to fully support our new Region 2 team in 2021, our newest addition will be Drew Lowery who will join us as our new Region 2 Director-Elect. Region 2 Director Barry Tilton (2021) has my full trust to continue making Region 2 the most successful of the 10 regions at IEEE. Many past and possibly future IEEE presidents do have their home section in Region 2!

As you have new ideas that will help our members, I still want to hear from you. Please share these ideas with me (my email is given below) and I hope Barry can implement them for the benefit of all members in Region 2.

A very happy, especially healthy, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2021 to all of you!!

Best Wishes,

Wolfram Bettermann
Region 2 Director, 2019-2020