IEEE Susquehanna Section Capstone Award Judging Criteria



The students shall indicate clearly the length of time (e.g., # of months) over which the team has worked on the project up to a maximum of one year.  Any other prior work done on the same project shall be considered as background.  Over this period of time, the project team shall indicate how many hours each team member has devoted to the project.  The judges shall take into consideration the amount of time and size of the team as compared to others in evaluating the overall achievement in general, for a greater number of total hours spent on the project, a greater amount of achievement will be expected.


2. PROJECT FUNDING (if any):

The students shall indicate clearly total budget of the project.  The judges shall take into consideration the amount of funding received in evaluating the achievement, impact and scope of the work.  In general, a greater amount of funding received for the project work should result in a greater expectation. Each team should submit their complete project budget as an appendix to the report.



The students presenting the project work shall clearly indicate the unique contribution made by the team over the duration of the project in the IEEE disciplines specified.  If the project is interdisciplinary in nature, the students will explain how the IEEE disciplinary work relates to and supports the objectives associated with non-IEEE engineering, science or other disciplines of the project.  The judges shall evaluate primarily the quality of the IEEE disciplinary work and if interdisciplinary, how it fits into the broader scope.



The students shall describe the intended human impact of their project work.  The judges will consider the feasibility of the work and its intended impact on human society in their evaluation of its overall quality. Human impacts may include but are not limited to public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors.



In the document submissions students shall keep their institutional affiliation undisclosed during the presentation, report and any interviews so that the judges can provide an unbiased evaluation. This does not apply to email communication with the student activity chair.



Project Title:




Team Size (number of students):
Project Budget:




Number of EE/CE/EET/CS Students in the Project:


EE______ CE_______ EET______ CS_______  Other________

Duration of the Project: One Semester/Two Semesters/other[*]__________

[*] Provide the total number of semesters that students worked on the project.


Please evaluate the following with a score and provide comments as appropriate:

Item Score Comments
Achievements–20 points (Contributions in achieving meaningful results given the project size, duration, and budget)
Scope–15 points (The team provided a clear description of goals, outcomes, and milestones of the project)
Audience motivation–10 points (The prospect of the project pique your interest in hearing more )
Overall technical content–25 points (Sufficient use of quantitative and qualitative  description for engineering requirements, proper citations,  constraints, design, simulation, prototype, and results)  


Recorded Presentation Submitted–15 points (Clear visual, audio, video, engaging, eye contact, word choice, timing [about 12-18 minutes per team])
Innovation–15 points (The project demonstrated an innovative way to advantage the technology for Humanity)
Total awarded points out of 100
Summative Comments: