Become a Senior Member

As a member of the IEEE Susquehanna Section with the grade level of MEMBER or LIFE MEMBER and over 10 years of professional experience, you are invited to apply for the grade level of SENIOR MEMBER or SENIOR LIFE MEMBER. There is no cost associated for this upgrade.

For more detail as to the qualifications to apply for Senior Membership please use this link:

We invite members to upgrade using the IEEE online process to apply. Applications can be found at this link:

All that you are required to do is complete the application and attach a current resume. You will be asked for 3 senior member references. This is where being a member of the Susquehanna Section can be of great benefit to you.

Once you have added all your education and professional experience to the application and attached your current resume, submit the application as a draft.

The next step is use the Susquehanna Section website contact page to inform the Section Chair you are interested in upgrading to the Senior level.

The Section Chair will provide you with an email address so that you can attach your current resume for review by members of the Section Executive Committee. Upon a successful review you will receive the names of 3 Senior Members that you can use as your application references. Reopen your online application to add your references. It is important to remember to check the appropriate box indicating that these Senior Members are permitted to review your online application and attached resume. The last step is to SUBMIT the application and your are done.

Your 3 Senior Member references will complete their recommendations online and submit them to IEEE HQ for final approval.

You can use the IEEE web site to determine the scheduled dates IEEE HQ has set to review all senior member applications worldwide. This typically happens 4 times a year.