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Maryland MTA Statewide Transit Plan

Zoom recording

McKay, Jaime & Clayton, Jade
Maryland Transit Administration
VHSR Track to Transforming Rail in VA ProgramDaniel L. Plaugher, Executive Director
Virginians for High Speed Rail
Railroads, Herman Haupt, and the Battle of GettysburgDitmeyer, Steven R.2020-05-12
Virginia Railway ExpressHickey, T. R.2018-09-11
NextGen Train ControlDitmeyer, Steven R.2016-10-11
Amtrak Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement PTC System Status ReportHoelscher, Jim
Megantic: An Avoidable TragedyMitchell, Reg2015-04-14
Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brakes2006-09