PEAL – PES/IAS/PELS IEEE Joint Chapter in Dayton, OH IEEE


Welcome to The PEAL Chapter website
PEAL was formed in 2012 combining talent from the Power and Energy Society (PES), Industry Applications Society (IAS), and the Power Electronics Society (PELS) into a joint IEEE chapter.  The chapter is conveniently located in the heart of Ohio’s Aviation Frontier with easy access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), GE Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center (EPISCenter), University of Dayton, Wright State University, Cedarville University, and Miami University.  Together, the chapter partners with local industries to provide tremendous knowledge and experience to tackle the industries toughest problems among an ever increasing demand for power.  PEAL is the perfect place for technical scholars and professionals to grow knowledge and expertise in an effort to keep up with increasing demands in technology. To join, click here: IEEEPES IASPELS.

Mission Statement
PEAL Dayton actively strives to connect technical professionals and scholars with accessible information and knowledge exchange; to provide networking, leadership, and professional development opportunities; and to represent member interests of our societies.

Future Events are currently being planned. If you have an idea for a PEAL event, or would like to volunteer to host or hold a technical lecture, tour, educational event, or activity, then please let a PEAL officer know to help coordinate. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Conferences on related topics are also organized by other IEEE entities, particularly the 
Industrial Electronics Society, the Power and Energy Society, and the Power Electronics Society.  If you are a member of PEAL, you may register to any meetings, conferences, or workshops they organize at member rate (with some restrictions, particularly that the only sponsors are one of these societies – if in doubt contact the PEAL Chair at

Past PEAL Activities & Events
JUL2012              Inaugural PEAL Celebration with IEEE Dayton Section
NOV2012             EPISCenter Construction Tour
FEB2013              Get-to-Know-PEAL-Member Presentation Night
MAR2013             IAS Distinguished Lecturer – Mr. John Miller – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SEP2013              DP&L Solar Generation Facility Tour – Mr. Dan Dull – DP&L
OCT2013              University of Dayton – Student Professional Awareness Conference
DEC2013              Prominent Lecture – Dr. Dushan Boroyevich – Virginia Tech & CPES
FEB2014              Cedarville University – Student Professional Awareness Conference
APR2014              Prominent Lecture – Mr. Brett Jordan – Air Force Research Laboratory
JUL2014               NAECON Conference Participation
SEP2014               University of Dayton – Student Professional Awareness Conference
OCT2014              Tour of Engineering Innovation in Dayton & Carillon Brewing Co. Networking Event
NOV2014              Prominent Lecture – Dr. Fang Luo – The Ohio State University & CHPPE
DEC2014              Tour of GE Aviation Systems EPISCenter & Holiday Networking Reception
FEB2015              Tour of Yaskawa’s Motoman Robotics Facility
May2015              Tour of DP&L’s Tait Battery Energy Storage and Peaking Unit Facility
JUL2015               Technical Speaker – Dr. Hulya Kirkici – Auburn University
AUG2015              EMI Seminar – Dr. Shuo Wang – University of Florida
OCT2015              IEEE Day at Proto Build Bar
MAR2016              Distinguished Lecture – Dr. George Gross – Univ. of Illinois
MAY2016              Prominent Lecture – Dr. Falko Ueckerdt – Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research
JUN2016               Prominent Lecture – Mr. Jim Hendershot – Author & Electric Machines
OCT2016              Tour of Mound Science and Energy Musuem and Historical Facility
DEC2016              Motoman-tour-and-first-robotics-competition-team-demonstration