Dayton Section Joint APS/MTT/GRS Societies Chapter


Antennas & Propogation, Microwave Theory & Techniques and Geoscience & Remote Sensing (APS/MTT/GRS) Chapter


For more info contact:
Dr. Andrew J. Terzuoli 255-3636-4717

Special Note:   This joint group has traditionally hosted Inverse Conferences for students to present their ongoing research to the local tech community as non-experts.   It is an opportunity, not a requirement or burden.  The goal is for them to gain broad professional input & reactions so that they can create better products, & better formal academic & conference presentations.  The  suggested Inverse Conference outline is:

  • Problem or challenge
  • Past work they had uncovered
  • Their approach or methodology
  • Their results & what they conclude
  • What they do & don’t understand
  • What they plan to do next
  • What help they need & call for input, wisdom, insight.

This notice is an invitation for such students who wish to take advantage of the above.  They can conduct these at any location, any day and time.  They should simply send me an abstract and biography, along with their desired scheduling parameters.  We will then announce it as we have the information.  Please pass the word.