The Dayton Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional organization of electrical, electronic, and computer engineers in the greater Dayton area.   It organizes technical, educational, and scientific meetings providing professional benefits to its members while contributing towards progress in the field. Over 1000 IEEE local members are served by the Section and its IEEE professional Society chapters.

Monthly Section and Chapter Meetings are designed for general technical and professional interests. The section newsletter runs monthly and publishes upcoming events and special activities, and the monthly event calendar is updated each week on this website.

IEEE members are invited to become active in the Dayton Section and its Society Chapters. All members are welcome to attend any of the Section and Chapter meetings or local seminars.

About the Dayton Section Logo

IEEE-Dayton-Logo-smFrom the birthplace of aviation, to 21st century aerospace innovation, Dayton, Ohio, has been a consistent technology leader.  The IEEE Dayton Section logo, designed in 2012 by Tony Natarian, acknowledges the influence of aviation in Dayton region.  The Dayton Section IEEE provides world class leadership for the professional needs of the technology workforce in the Dayton area.  This logo underscores IEEE’s commitment to the Dayton region.

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Conferences Sponsored by the Dayton Section

National Aerospace & Electronics Conference, NAECON, is an annual conference held in the summer and sponsored by IEEE Dayton Section and the Aerospace Electronics Systems Society. NAECON is a major forum for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in advanced aerospace sensors, reconfigurable computing, navigation, power & control systems, radar & imaging fusion, advanced materials, RFIC technology, collaboration, cognitive signal processing and visualization, THz & RF and nonlinear signal processing, passive and active sensing, bio-inspired and cyber-physical applications and Trust in semiconductor design.  NAECON takes place in the June/July time frame.


Annual Awards and Scholarships Sponsored by the IEEE Dayton Section: Information and List of Past Awardees


Section Meetings

The Dayton Section holds meetings the months several times year between September and June.

IEEE Organization

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Dayton Section Map
Dayton Section Map

Contiguous Section Affiliation: If you are a member of the neighboring section but wish to be a member of the IEEE Dayton Section, follow the instructions to request a change of section affiliation.