IEEE Dayton STEM Education Workshop


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Dayton Section is planning to organize a STEM Education Workshop for high school STEM teachers and Course Curriculum Supervisors. The workshop participants will be compensated for their expenses for attending this workshop. The participants will also earn professional development hours. Please contact Dr. Ahmad Islam ( for reserving a spot in this workshop and for additional information.

The event will include the following activities:

  • Inform attendees about the benefits of being an IEEE member and encourage them to make high school students excited about being an IEEE member after they graduate from high school and become a college freshman.
  • Inform attendees on the introduction and recent advancement in different STEM topics.


The following contains the tentative agenda for this workshop.

Topic 1: Introduction to IEEE and its benefits

Speaker: Dr. Charles Cerny, Air Force Research Laboratory

Topic 2: Microelectronics and Microfabrication

Speakers: Prof. Guru Subramanyam, University of Dayton; Dr. Ahmad Islam, Air Force Research Laboratory

Topic 3: Packaging and Printed Electronics

Speaker: Prof. Ahsan Mian, Wright State University

Topic 4: Design Tools and Hardware Security

Speaker: TBD

Topic 5: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Speaker: Prof. Tarek Taha, University of Dayton

Topic 6: Power Electronics for Automotives

Speaker: Prof. Anant Agarwal, The Ohio State University