Latest Past Events

2023 Kickoff Dinner

Bldg: Mudlick Taphouse, 135 E 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio, United States, 45402

Welcome to 2023! We are so excited to see all of you this year! We are doing a kickoff dinner at Mudlick Taphouse in downtown Dayton which starts at 6:30pm. WIE/YP will cover your first round of drinks. We will be discussing options for events this year for WIE/YP. We will also have a short... Read more

Weekly “Inverted Conference” Seminar in Remote Sensing & Communication: Design of a Miniaturized CubeSat TT&C Patch Antenna


This presentation is an overview of the research performed miniaturizing the telemetry tracking and control (TT&C) antenna for the Grissom-P bus. The objective of the research is to combine known miniaturization techniques to retain the key performance parameters of the dual patch, S-band array without increasing overall thickness or altering the feed structure and network.... Read more

A Review of Computing in Memory: Devices and Architecture for Deep Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) are shaping modern world. AI is revolutionizing the advancement in computer vision, natural language processing, autonomous vehicles, security, and industrial production. However, the existing AI infrastructure is highly driven by von-Neumann computing technology, which is facing the barriers of memory wall, heat wall, and data transfer bottleneck for... Read more