Morton Student Paper Contest History

The Morton Contest began in 1959 after a $2000 gift to the then Lehigh Valley Section of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). C.S. Brangan of Philadelphia donated the money in memory of his close friend, Walter B. Morton, who was the chief electrical engineer of PP&L Company and who had a distinct interest in student activities through the AIEE. Brangan stipulated that the money was to provide a prize for a contest to be held among the undergraduate colleges with AIEE student branches in the Lehigh Valley Section; at the time of the gift, those colleges were Bucknell University, Lafayette College, and Lehigh. Brangan specified that the money was to last for 20 years, so there was one prize awarded in 1959 of $100. The Lehigh Valley section has continued to support the contest beyond the initial 20 years, and starting in 2012 prizes were raised to $500 for first place, $300 for second and $100 for third place.  In 2021 the Lehigh Valley Section raised the prize values to $550 for first place, $350 for second, and $150 for third.  The branch of the first place prizewinner also gets a plaque for display.

The Lehigh Valley section now consists of four branches: Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Wilkes University and the University of Scranton. Bucknell was removed from the Lehigh Valley section in 1963 but was grandfathered into contest participation by the Section Executive Committee, however has not participated in several years making four total participating branches in the contest.

First place finishers over the 60-year history of the Morton Student Paper Contest:

YearNameSchoolTitle of Paper
1959D.L. TalhelmLehighSignal Flow Graphs
1960W. Just & A. DurlingLafayette
J, Ondria & A. DallyLehigh
1961R.C. EmersonLehigh
1962W.L. Baldwin & C.R. CookeLehigh
1963W.H. CrowellLehigh
1964J. GrasonLehigh
1965D. AtkinsBucknell
1966J. WatsonLehigh
1967C.T. BaumgartnerLehigh
1968R.G. Innes & J.S. RenningerLehigh
1969S. EatonLehigh
1970P.E. WhiteLehigh
1971P.C. CamanaLehigh
1972G.J. ScheveyBucknell
1973D.R. FreyLehigh
1974B. Wells & D. UngerBucknell
1975N.L. GreenoughLehigh
1976J. BaranLehighA Digital Instrument for Aircraft Navigation Using the 'VOR' System
1977A. KalekosLafayette
1978S. MacMinn & E.J. ModugnoLehigh
1981J.P. DeMontBucknellThe Design of an Automatic Sensing Chessboard
1982Charles MillsLafayette
1983W R GriesbachLafayetteDesign of a Digital Integrated Circuit Test Set
1984R. ShahLafayetteThe Creation of a Special Purpose Language for a Microprocessor Controlled System
1985Philip Heffelfinger
1986David Kliebhan
1987Robert Doran
1988S.E. LoveBucknellSimplifying Hardware Design by Using a Special_Application Microprocessor
1989D. ScottLehighComputer Audio Spectrum Analyzer
1990R. Platt & S. GabrielleLehighMicro-Computer and LORAN C Based Moving Map Display
1991J.D. Harry, S.M. Marcin, C. UngvarskyWilkesAn Innovative Design of a Surface Mounted Device Repair Station Using Focused IR Light
1992S. AthalyeLafayetteA Voice Activated Hands-Free Calculator Using a Neural-Network Speech Recognition
1993J. Reynolds & J RomaineLehighSecond Harmonic Distortion Digital Amplifier
1994K.S. KhouriBucknellDesign of Change Sensitive Circuits for Neural Networks
1996P. Boothby, B. Kelly, Z. Kulis, K. MillerBucknellThe MIDI Bears
1997S. SpanoScrantonObstacle Detection anad Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Robots
1998J. Schwendt IILehighQuasiApp: Integrating Home-Automation with the World Wide Web
1999A. Jervis & J. YoungLafayetteWireless Model Rocket Launcher
2000M. WycheckBucknellElectrocardiograph Filter and Amplifier
2001M. WycheckBucknellA Multi-channel Fetal Electrocardiogram Enhancement Technique
2002J.P. Hunter & J.M. RoeBucknellThe Autonomous Lawn Mower Project
2003B. Cochenour & C.ChaiLafayetteSensitivity of High OrderLoudspeaker Crossover Networks with All Pass Response
2004E. GeissenhainerLafayetteA Practical Implementation of a High-Efficiency Amplifier that Retains the Performance
Attributes of Lower-Efficiency Class A/B Topologies
2005F. AhmedLafayetteKernel Extensions to mC/OS-II Real-Time Operating System on the Motorola 68HC11
2006J. PorterLafayetteMathematical Modeling of a Rotary Ventricular Assist Device
2007D. Papada & J. ShilinskiScrantonAutomated Sensor Driven Parallel Parking System
2008Jonathan M. TheirLehighPressure Controlled Alarm Clock System
2009Eileen Mazzochette & Kenny BlanchetteLehighAutomatic Feedback Control for Audio Systems
2010Alice Gonzales Cavalcanti de Araujo &LehighWireless Headphones
2011Sean Kelly & Kyle LampertLehighTaxiNet, Automated Taxi Cab Dispatch System
2012Basel Alnajjab & Christopher O'LoneLehighChesstastic
2013Alexandra Dryer & Caitlin FowlerLehighEndurance Hydration Meter
2014Stephanie Gordon & Ian MillerLehighA.M.P. Ariel Multi Role Platform
2015Haley GarrisonLafayetteApplication of the Brain-Computer Interface to Robotics Control
2016C. Drazba & N. TrevilisLehighMagnetic Monkey: Magnetic Surface Scaling Robot
2017Brandon SmithLafayetteWheelchair Navigation Using a Brain-Computer Interface
2021Zhanfan YuLafayetteEfficient Predictive Control Scheme for Optimized Five-Level Four-Switch Inverter
2022Marwa SalehLafayetteMultimodal Person Identification Through the Fusion of Face and Voice Biometrics