IEEE is the world’s largest professional association providing access to the latest technical information, networking opportunities, career / professional development tools, educational and research materials, and many other benefits exclusive to its members. The “Erie Section” creates a great awareness and visibility of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) among scientists, engineering professionals, and academicians in the area. The Erie Section is committed to promote the message behind the tagline “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. This reflects the IEEE’s mission to foster “technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”. Current efforts are directed at pre-university and university students, members and other technology professionals in the area. We welcome you to join, get involved, and volunteer for communicating the core values of IEEE in the area!!!

How can you participate in your local section?

  • If you have suggestions for tours, contact the Section Chair.
  • If you have ideas for talks, contact the Section Chair.
  • If you are involved with educational efforts promoting careers or skills of the IEEE professions, contact the Section Chair.
  • If you want a professional topic presented, contact the Section Chair.
  • If you have any recommendation to offer about the local section, contact any section officer.

Our emails are available through the Officers link on the home page.

Further, if you want to be directly involved in the management and future direction of the section, come to an Executive Board meeting and volunteer with us.

We welcome and value your ideas, support, and interest.

Tajmilur Rahman, PhD
Erie Section Chair