This list of past meetings in reverse chronological order may suggest ideas for future topics, but the possible range of topics is very broad.    The Computer Society has over 50 committees, communities, councils, and task forces that specialize, and computing touches nearly every field of study, including scientific and engineering disciplines from anthropology to zoosemiotics, as well as other fields including mathematics, law, education, and the arts in academia and industry.  Suggest topics that interest you.

Meetings since March 2020 are virtual; future meetings will continue to be until restrictions are lifted by local jurisdictions and IEEE.

2022-05-23Cyber Security Panel Session - Software Bill of MaterialsYouTube
2022-04-28An Introduction to Blockchain Technology (Includes Slides)IEEE.
2022-04-20Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningIEEE.
2022-04-05Advanced Research Computing at Hopkins: An Adventure in Shared GovernanceIEEE.
2022-03-16Technology Predictions and Future of WorkYouTube
2022-03-15AI/ML-Driven Scientific Advances: A Personal Journey, Lessons, and Outlook (Includes Slides)IEEE.
2021-12-15Node-RED: A Live Demonstration of a Cross-Platform, Web-Based Visual Programming Environment (Includes Slides and Code)IEEE.
2021-10-22Deep Learning for Biomedical and Healthcare ApplicationsYouTube
2021-09-30The Ultimate Software: Machine Learning and Intelligence (Includes Slides)IEEE.
2021-05-26Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering: How to Start and Practical GuidelinesIEEE.
2021-05-03CodeAPeel: A Multilayer Computer Architecture Design and Simulation SystemIEEE.
2021-04-21Performance-Guided Synthesis of Personalized Virtual Environments for the Future of Work and Training
2021-02-18Security Engineering for Machine Learning (Includes Slides)IEEE.
2020-11-10IT Risk and Resilience - Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19 - IEEE Computer Society Chapter Meeting
2020-09-24Machines Learning On-The-Fly from Humans
2020-07-08COVID-19 - A Catalyst for Healthcare Transformation and Change: Reviewing Healthcare and Public Health Technology Policy Needs
2020-06-17Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans - Northern Virginia/Washington Computer Society Chapter Event
2020-05-06Block Chain and Data Confidentiality - Computer Society Chapter Online Meeting
2020-03-03An IoT Platform for Building Energy Efficiency Applications - IEEE Computer Society Chapter Meeting
2019-11-12Rebooting Computing- The Search for Post-Moore’s Law Breakthroughs
2019-09-26Who is the Product Owner Anyway?
2019-06-08Programming Quantum Computers - A Quick Primer on IBM Q Experience and Qiskit
2019-04-30Computing Medicine / National Capital Area Computer Society Chapter Distinguished Lecture
2019-04-18New Tools for Quantum Computing Software Development - Computer Society Chapter Meeting
2019-04-04Quantum Computing: The Foundation for the Next Digital Era - Computer Society Chapter Meeting
2019-02-28AI/ML will change healthcare for the better: How can you explore the opportunities it will create?