NFPA 130 Wire and Cable Requirements


The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) Philadelphia Chapter is holding a technical meeting. The topic is NFPA 130 Wire and Cable Requirements. Our speaker is Alex Marciano, Application Engineer, Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure Group. This presentation discusses the requirements given by NFPA 130 for wire and cable. The lecture will discuss non-emergency and emergency circuit requirements. Mr. Marciano will explain how cables are protected by following materials, installation, and testing requirements given by NFPA 130, NFPA 70, IEEE 1202, and UL 2196. A slide show summarizes the codes and standards, as well as showing photographs of cable testing and installation methods to meet requirements. Attendees may apply for 1.0 PDH provided through the IEEE Certificates Program, accepted in all states. Send $5.00 (USD) payment to Brandon Swartley via Zelle at [email protected] and complete the online evaluation at Evaluation form must be completed and payment received within one week to receive PDH certificate. Speaker(s): Alex Marciano Agenda: Introduction Technical presentation - Non-Emergency Circuits • Chapter 12 wiring requirement - non-emergency • FT4/IEEE1202 vertical flame and smoke release test • UL 1685 vertical flame and smoke release test - Emergency Circuits • NFPA 130 wire requirements, design, reliability, emergency circuits, fire alarm and communication cables NFPA 70 areas of assembly • UL 2196 fire resistive certification and FHIT listings and selection • What is a complete system? Known issues Questions Virtual: