Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations Center Tour

City: Rockville

Co-sponsored by: NPS, EMBS Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations Center Tour   Friday, December 2 10:00am - 1:30pm U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Rockville, Maryland Cost:  $25.00 (includes lunch) The fee is nonrefundable after your registration is accepted.  If you remain on the wait list or do not complete the approval process, your fee will be refunded.  Please allow 2 weeks for the refund to be processed.    Directions:   The Operations Center is located in the basement of a building that is next to White Flint Metro station (immediately east of the station).  As you exit the Metro, turn left on the same side of the street.  Visitors are encouraged to use Metro because parking during the business day is very limited.   Instructions:   Visitors to the NRC must be approved in advance.  After you register for the tour, your name will be submitted to the NRC Visitor's List. You will be contacted by email after you are approved for the tour.  Please arrive by 10:45am to allow time to check in.  You will be asked for photo identification.  No photography is permitted on site.   Important:  NON-US CITIZENS must submit a copy of their passport by the evening of November 17.  Please indicate if you are a non-US citizen, and email your passport to [email protected]   The tour will take approximately 1 hour, after which we will walk to a local restaurant 0.3 miles away for the luncheon. Background:   The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission succeeded the Atomic Energy Commission in 1975 as the agency responsible for protecting public health and safety from radiation generated by nuclear power plants and a variety of industrial, medical, and research applications involving the use of radioactive substances. Location: Bldg: Three White Flint North 11601 Landsdown Street Rockville, Maryland 20852