Welcome to IEEE NANO Chapter

Nanotechnology Chapter: Mission and Objectives

 1. Mission

Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network is the NSF National ATE  Center for Nanotechnology Workforce Development established at Penn State University College of Engineering in State College, PA. In 2012 the chapter organizer received NFS funded fellowships at their nanotechnology fabrication facilities. We will work closely with them to offer nanotechnology resource information sharing, and education program
course materials for our chapter. The organizing chapter chair is currently a faculty member of Penn State Harrisburg and is also currently the chair of the Susquehanna Section. The chapter will be involved in helping to create and sustain economically viable nanotechnology education across Central Pennsylvania as well as locally in all of the thirteen counties within the jurisdiction of our Susquehanna section. Penn State Harrisburg is one of the 24 campuses of Penn State University and has strong interest in the support of offering nanotechnology related education for chapter members, electrical
engineering students from the IEEE student chapter of Penn State Harrisburg and local industries.
A technical chapter in Nanotechnology within the Susquehanna Section will help to
– Develop a workforce for existing and emerging micro- and nanotechnology-based US industries
– Bring the high-paying jobs of micro- and nanotechnology to Americans
– Encourage the use of nanotechnology by industry
– Create a nanotechnology-knowledgeable citizenry
– Provide leadership in national coordination/resource sharing for micro- and
nanofabrication workforce programs
-Educate chapter members with the latest developments in nanotechnology.

Objectives of the chapter

1. Partnerships in nanotechnology education are built among Research Universities. Offer courses at Penn State Harrisburg, Middletown, PA to educate students for careers in a spectrum of industries by providing them with a nanotechnology knowledge base which can be used in many types of applications and companies.
2. Invite speakers from Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory Material Research Institute ( part of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network to local chapter meetings at Penn State Harrisburg to report and educate chapter members on newest research results and discoveries
3. Offer and engage local chapter member’s events in nanotechnology related topics to inspire creating small businesses and strengthen local economic development activities.Find ways to create business incubators.
4. Offer a platform to local industrial companies involved in nanotechnology R&D to exchange ideas and form partnerships through regular monthly chapter meetings.
5. Provide leadership in national coordination/resource sharing for micro- and nanofabrication workforce programs
6. The chapter’s mission is to enable rapid advancements in science, engineering and technology at the Nano-scale by efficient access to Nanotechnology infrastructure through cooperation with industrial partners and Penn State Harrisburg.

Goals of the chapter

Being a recognized leader in offering an IEEE branded platform for offering
nanotechnology related education programs (via Penn State Harrisburg) and support and exchange ideas from local company leaders for new industrial related research and development efforts.
The IEEE chapter promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about nanotechnologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

Chapter activities

 We will offer joint chapter and section meetings with current nanotechnology related topics from academia and industry. The section provides limited financial support ($200 per year through the Section rebate) to support speaker travel expenses and support for other chapter activities.
Conference locations for chapter meetings are available free of charge at locations within our college at Penn State University Harrisburg.
— Please get involved and come to your chapter meetings. Feel free to contact me anytime. Looking forward to meeting you in person.
Chapter Chair
Dr. Wolfram Betterman
Graduate Faculty Member
Penn State Harrisburg, School of Science Engineering and Technology