Chairs Responsibilities

  1. Meetings: All Chapters and Affinity Group Chairs are reminded that they must conduct at least two meetings per year to maintain the Chapter certification.

  2. Registration: Registration can be done through the IEEE vTools interface. Even though it is not mandatory to do it through vTools it is encouraged to do so, such that a permanent record can be maintained.

  1. Reporting: Once the meeting is completed it must be reported to the IEEE through the L31 forms.

If you do not feel comfortable, or do not have the time, to file the meeting notice and/or reporting the meeting afterwards please contact me and I will either assist you or do it for you:

The following link contains detailed tutorials

vTools Events ALL Tutorials

The following links contain key tutorial presentations (also appear in the previous link) (.pdf)

Search and View an Event

Create an Event

Edit an Event

Cancel an Event

Enable Registration

Create and Report a meeting (L31 form)