Here are our Section Officers for 2021

Chairman  Emilio Salgueiro

Vice-Chair  Taso Malapetsas

Treasurer Dennis Silage

Secretary Chris Deitch



STEM group campers showcasing their projects during the virtual session by Camp Adonai and our own Mark Soffa, the IEEE Philadelphia Section STEM Education Chair.

Campers have built their robots, and downloaded and ran Arduino programs such as basic motion, line tracking, collision avoidance, infrared remote control, and Bluetooth remote control. In addition, the campers have used the robot’s graphical programming language to do linear programs and if, then else loops.” Check out the full video on


IEEE-USA Free Webinars 

I am especially proud of the topical webinars that we have produced since March 27th (please note: IEEE Members can receive PDHs for attending IEEE-USA webinars):

  1. Jump-Start Your Job Search and Maintain Your Career Development During this Crisis
  2. Discover Yourself and Your Unique Brand
  3. Using DISC to Increase Civility, Engagement & Personal Leadership
  4. The Future of Work & Your Job Search During Disruption
  5. How To Avoid Distractions and Stay on Track While Working Remotely
  6. How to Build More Brand Loyalty as a Person, an Employee, a Leader, and a Company
  7. Leadership in a Six-Sigma World
  8. Who Moved The Cheese?….My Cheese Workbook
  9. Transitioning Back From Remote Work (Manager–focused)
  10. Beyond the Safety Aspects of Your Return-to Work Plan — How to Smoothly Re-open Your Workplace and Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity (Manager–focused)
  11. Live Stream Webinar: Engineering Code Of Ethics
  12. Diversifying Your Consulting Practice as We Recover from Times of Crisis
  13. How to Lead Your Remote Teams More Effectively

Our Full Webinar Library can be found here:

Awards Banquet & Gala!

Due to the Coronavirus (COV-19), the 2020 Awards Banquet will be postponed to a April 2021.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Contact the office at  for details!

IEEE Philadelphia Section Congratulates our Newest Senior Members

2020 Annual Report: Mitchell L. Thompson, John T.  Larkin, Douglas, R. Castor, John J.  Deandrea, Scott R. Mix, Kenneth Paist, Yunfeng Xiao, David Hollingsworth, Li Bai, Brian Litt, Qiang Duan, Firooz Aflatouni, Anthony R. Carlis, Paul R.  White, Iyad Obeid, James C. Gee, Morui Li, Theodoros Salonidis, Thomas S. Krol, Aditya Shah, Edward Greer, Ram Kripal Prasad, Mojtaba Vaezi, Chamith S. Rajapakse, Alan T.  Johnson, Lori L. Pollock, Michael Hutchinson, Ruibing Hao, Jeffrey  M. Watkins, Victor Manuel Preciado, Joanna F. DeFranco, Rajeshkumar Raghupathi, Philip Shilane, Saravanan Manikandan, Mark Jarvis, Jeffrey T. Eker, Shi Y. Lee, Il-yeol Song, Andrew G. Richardson, Christine Johnson, Jeff A. Rockower, Divya Pathak, Gregory Arlow, Arun Kumar, Arumugam, Kerry I. Litvin, Jonathan M. Becker

IEEE Philadelphia Section Congratulates our New Fellows

2020 Annual Report:  Xiaojiang Du, Vijay Kumar, Yimin D. Zhang.