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May 18 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

A Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a communications system that uses software to define its functionality.  Traditional communications systems utilize hardware to define its principal function, while software provides a user interface and various support functions.  This brings about a limitation because to change system functionality requires different hardware.   An SDR overcomes this limitation, by providing the flexibility to change system functionality by simply modifying or replacing software programs. In other words, an SDR allows easy upgrade to new functionality and improved performance without the need to replace hardware.  SDRs can also be easily modified to accommodate individual applications.  Additionally, advances in modern computing, increased speed and efficient digital signal processing techniques, radio components such as modulators, demodulators, tuners, etc. can all be implemented in software instead.  Hence the term, software defined radio.

This workshop will introduce students to the concepts of SDR, and demonstrate digital signal processing techniques using the low cost, RTL-SDR USB Dongle along with MATLAB/Simulink and the communications toolbox.  Students will perform hands-on simulation activities using the installed MATLAB/Simulink in the ECE lab at Temple University. 

The course modules include:

  • introduction to ADC, I/Q demodulator and digital signal sampling theory,
  • integration of RTL SDR into MATLAB/Simulink
  • reception of Several “wireless” signals generated by AM and FM broadcast stations and others within the lab,
  • continued study of I/Q demodulation of binary and M-ary digital signals,
  • Introduction of take-home applications of free software,
  • Discussions on home-brew antenna construction and bandwidth considerations.
  • GNU radio will be described with a “show and tell” and handout links to continue after the workshop.

Texts and other class materials will be provided on a USB flash drive and distributed on the day of the workshop.

Speaker(s): Dr. Dennis Silage,


Registration includes notes, and USB SDR Radio. Lunch on your own is available at a number of locations on Temple University campus.

*Important Note:  SDR Radio NOT INCLUDED AFTER MAY 3, 2019.  Participants must purchase radio on their own at that point.  Radios are available at:

Room: Room E301, 3rd Floor
Bldg: Temple University, Engineering Building
1947 N. 12th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania