PCS Chapter Meeting

Linux in your everyday life

On February 24th, 2022 at Noon, we will learn all about Linux has now become a fundamental part of our everyday global life. Maybe a few years ago – if you query the average Joe on the street (assuming they were not a geek) about Linux, you may have gotten the following response:  “Yeah, like you know, isn’t some sort of thingy like, you know, an operating system. I heard of it, but don’t know it personally myself – that it is very difficult to use.” You might be astonished to know just how often you use Linux in your daily life. 

This talk is aimed at sharing with our members and guest audience, numerous practical examples for each hour of the day, how Linux is perhaps a regular part of your life, maybe in the background, maybe in the foreground and yet you do not realize it. 

No prior knowledge of computing or Linux is assumed or necessary. The talk will be fast paced and full of details.


Sharan Kalwani is an industry technology specialist with 25+ years of experience. Sharan has degrees in both Engineering and Computer Science. He has worked in many diverse areas.
Sharan is a senior member of IEEE-Computer Society, IEEE-Education Society and Vehicle Tech Society, an Emeritus member of Michigan!UNIX/user group (mug.org) the oldest of the *nix user groups based in Michigan (they were first established in late 1985), member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and also leads the SIG-Linux section of SEMCO.

He enjoys teaching, holds an Adjunct Faculty position at local educational sites. He has published one book and is now working on his second. He is a recipient of the IEEE MGA Achievement award for his contributions to IEEE activities in 2018 and was recently awarded the 2021 Jack Sherman Outstanding member award by IEEE Region 4.

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