IEEE Region 2


Robotics & Automation for Societal Good Underlying Challenges in Humanitarian Technology, Sustainability, and Public Policy

Room: 3507, Bldg: Engineering

Co-sponsored by: Christal Gordon Many of the existing Robotics & Automation (R&A) technologies are at a sufficient level of maturity and are widely accepted by the academic (and to a lesser extent by the industrial) community after having undergone the scientific rigor and peer reviews that accompany such works. I believe that most of the […]

Bio-inspired Sensing and Processing

Room: Auditorium, Bldg: Arlington Central Library

Sensing and processing are two critical aspects of many engineering systems. The natural world has multiple examples of methods and techniques that can influence designs.  This talk will highlight a few examples that illustrate how sensing and processing take place in biological systems and designs that have successfully incorporated inspiration from biology. Location: Room: Auditorium […]