Event Post Guidelines

All Organizational Units (“OU” – section, chapter, council, affinity group) should follow these guidelines to ensure meeting listing are clear and consistent when viewed in vTools or imported into the section website:

  • Do not post place holder events.  Only events with confirmed speakers and topics of interest to IEEE members should be entered.
  • Only the lead OU should post a specific event.  When posted multiple times it clutters the limited area on the web calendar monthly view, possibly crowding out other events of interest.  Joint event sponsors should file their own L31 after the meeting.
  • Choose a specific yet concise title.  The display space for the title is very limited, so long explanations in parenthesis or with quoted phrases don’t present well, nor do they draw attention; details belong in the description.  Omit the OU which will be obvious from the title and may discourage non-chapter members from attending.  Avoid titles like:
    • The French Cuisine and Musical Instrument Society (FCMIS) Holds Its Monthly Meeting
    • Professor Flurgenlugen Presents His Research
    • On The Syncopatic And Paleolithic Synergies Of Altruistic, Microscopic, Bi-lateral Anthracites In A 10% Solution Of Anhydrous 1 2-dichloroethane Exposed To Intense UV-Light
    • A Digital Thermonuclear Device (Relying On A “Binary Cascade Fusion” Mechanism)
  • If you want the full address to appear in the top of the WordPress listing, put the street address with city and state in the “Building” field.  You must also correctly populate the separate Country, State, and City fields.
  • When imported into web sites the link to the vTools page is small and at the bottom.  Using the source code tool (denoted by “<>” in the editor) you can add a hyperlink that will display prominently in the body of calendar entry.
  • The event contact email should be on the ieee.org domain.  This reinforces IEEE’s role and reminds people of a valuable membership benefit.
  • Each sponsoring OU should send their own eNotice to their members.
  • Post events at least a month in advance.  This allows time for members to plan to attend and for the events to be announced to all members in monthly newsletters.
  • If events already posted will not be held, mark them as “Canceled” in vTools instead of deleting them.