Section Vice-Chair

A skilled engaged member who is capable of bringing technological innovation and excellence to directly benefit the profession and the common good of humanity and Achieve the Vision and Mission of IEEE.

Establish a local experience that member recognize and want to be a part of. Increase the value of the member experience Establish a professional home for the local IEEE member.

The Section Vice Chair assists the Section Chair in managing the operations of the Section in the best interest of the local members and provides leadership, guidance and a sense of purpose for other Section volunteers.

In many Sections, the Section Vice Chair is responsible for working with the Section Secretary in selecting the topics that will be discussed at Section meetings. Additionally, this individual will work closely with the Chairs of the Technical Chapters and/or Affinity Groups to ensure that the programs offered by these subunits are focused on increasing member engagement and/or meeting the needs of the local member. In many cases, the Section Vice Chair will be elected to serve as the Section Chair.


• Serves as a Member of the IEEE Section Executive Committee

• If the Section Chair is unable to perform his duties, the Vice Chair will be responsible for ensuring that the tasks are completed. These tasks could include (1) preside at meetings of the Section and the Section Executive Committee, and (2) represent the Section at IEEE gatherings (i.e. attend annual Regional Committee Meeting)