Job Description for IEEE officer

                                                          TECHNICAL SOCIETY CHAPTER CHAIR

Chapter Chairs are an important part of the grassroots of IEEE leadership.  The Chapter Chair is the principal managing officer of his/her Technical Society Chapter.  Chapter affairs are administered according to the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board Operations Manual 9.6, direction from the specific national Society and the Section Executive Committee.  Chapter Chairs have voting representation, either individually, or collectively, with other Chapters and Affinity Groups, on the Section Executive Committee.


The usual term of office for the position of Chapter Chair is one year.  Term of office begins in January and continues through until the end of December. The time needed to fulfill this volunteer position is approximately X hours per week/month.  [Note to Section: you should replace the ‘X’ with an approximation that you think is correct for this Unit].



  1. You will need to identify members willing to volunteer to be part of the Chapter Executive Committee (your Section or Membership Chair may have some suggestions).  Members with past experience would be very valuable.
  • Contact committee members to set up a convenient time to meet
  • Plan for several meetings in advance
  • Determine goals for the year
  • Delegate assignments to committee members
  1. For background information, review IEEE documents as they relate to Chapters, including IEEE Bylaws, Policy Manual, and MGA (Member and Geographic Activities Board) Operations Manual, 9.6 (By 31 January after taking office). You can find links for these documents at www.ieee.org/officers.
  2. Insure that all Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs are properly trained for their jobs.
  3. If the Chapter has a web page, see that it has a webmaster and is kept up to date.
  4. Preside at meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Executive Committee.  For Executive Committee meetings, have an agenda prepared to make sure everyone is doing what you expect of them.  Send the agenda at least a week in advance so committee members can be prepared.
  5. Operate the Chapter to maximize satisfaction of Chapter member.  Work with the Chapter Executive committee to develop plans for Chapter activity.
  6. Attend Section Executive Committee meetings regularly for information and/or action.  Use your committee agenda and the reports from your committee members as basis for your report to the Section.  If you need help or have problems, report it for action.
  7. Utilize the appropriate Section communication vehicles – email ListServ, Web pages, newsletters – to make announcements for meetings, etc.
  8. Insure satisfactory performance from the other Chapter Officers and the Chapter Committee Chairs.

10. Insure that all required Chapter financial reports are prepared and submitted to Section Treasurer at year end.

11. Use Web report form (www.ieee.org/L31) to submit Chapter Activity, copying the Section Secretary and, if appropriate, the Society Chapter Coordinator.

12. Represent the Chapter at all IEEE gatherings.

13. Transfer Chapter records to the new Chapter Chair at the end of the year.

14. Share your successes and communicate with other IEEE volunteers around the world.  Join the Section/Chapter Volunteer Forum Virtual Community at https://www.ieeecommunities.org/section-chapter_vol.



For additional information on officer training, go to www.ieee.org/officers