Region 2 Winter Meeting Baltimore MD February 25-26, 2012
Minutes Action Items


Position of Presenter
Director Report Director Ralph Ford
Director Elect Report Director Elect Parviz Famouri
Treasurers Report (available by request) Treasurer Gerry Christman
Membership Strategy & Planning Manging Director MGA Cecelia Jankowski
Membership Engagement at Section Level Javvad Qasimi/MurtyPolavarapu
Metroplitan Area Workshops Richard Herczeg/Ralph Ford
IEEE Humanitarian Technology update Activities Kartik Kulkarni
Awards Program R2 Awards Chair Anna Romaniuk
WIE Report WIE Chair Kate McDevitt
Center for Leadership Excellence Cecelia Jankowski
Sr Member Elevation Peter Silverberg
Electronics Communications Information Management Coordinator Tom Starai
S-PAC Joe Burns
PACE Report Murty Polavarapu

Section Survey Analysis

Murty Polavarapu

Section Vitality Checklist

Murty Polavarapu

Section Self Assessment

IEEE-USA Fellows Program Emily Sopensky
Introduction to IEEE-USA IEEE-USA President Elect Marc Apter
Student Activites Report Eugenio Villaseca
 Student Activites Conference Andrew Thompson
IEEE-USA Employment & Career Actvities Holly Cyrus
Area Reports
Joe Kalasky
Bob Lawson
Carole Carey


Bob Walston
MGA Discussion on Geo Unit Reserve Sharing MGA VP Howard Michel
Conference Activities Raj Madhavan
GOLD Mike Pearse
SAC Ad-Hoc committee AB Shafaye


AB Shafaye

K-12 STEM Literacy Committee and SPAC Committee Activitiess

Joe Burns

Membership Development

Javvad Qasimi