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Learn to Code with Large Language Model Chatbots

October 7 @ 12:30 - 16:30

Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) possess data not only about human languages but also computer languages. It is now possible to introduce programming basics through ChatGPT. We plan to lead a hands-on activity workshop session in which the participants are invited to join an interactive adventure into the world of LLMs and learn how to code with ChatGPT or Google Bard as a co-pilot. In this interactive, hands-on session, the participants will take a guided tour to see live actions of these generative AI tools in code generation and problem solving. If participants bring a laptop computer, they can follow along and learn coding in their own OpenAI or Google accounts. Otherwise, they can watch the live interactive session and contribute their own ideas about how to guide the AI to help with coding. Python and other programming languages will be used, although no prior programming experience is required. Speaker(s): Chang Liu, Agenda: 8:30 AM – Breakfast and networking 9:00 AM – Session start 10:30 AM – Coffee break 10:45 AM – Restart 12:00 Noon – Session ends; Lunch will be provided with time for follow up questions etc Room: Meeting Room 2, Bldg: Oakton Library, 10304 Lynnhaven Pl, Oakton, Virginia, United States